Still deep in summer, I recently found myself on a rather cold and windy day in San Francisco in one of the rare, local spots where the summer sun always shines, Flora Grubb Gardens.  Have you been there?  Even if you don't fancy a new lemon tree or another addition to your garden, you must go!  It is a  beautifully curated nursery located in the Bayview district.  Its zen-like patio areas offer a perfect place to sit and savor the sunshine while you enjoy your coffee or tea from the Ritual Cafe Bar tucked inside the nursery. Remember to catch the last rays of summer sunshine because fall beckons soon, very soon.

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September's Limited Edition--The Audrey

The Audrey dress is inspired by one of the most noted style icons in history-Audrey Hepburn. When I think of Audrey she comes to mind in something timeless and always elegant! From her role as Holly Golightly in Breakfast At Tiffany's to her chic personal style.The Audrey dress is as divine as its inspiration! The simple fitted sheath is made in a Rayon/Lycra double knit and will caress your shape and is easy-to-wear. The funnel neckline is extremely flattering as it stands slightly away from your neck and frames the face. The abstract print with swirls of browns and purples will make this your go-to dress for fall. Try belting it for a more tailored look! The Audrey comes fully lined, is hand washable and is available in sizes 1 (4-6(, 2 (8), 3 (10-12), 4 (14). It ships the last week of August. Contact Catherine to reserve yours today or to make an appointment for a fitting. 

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Buy less, buy quality is my mantra. I like my sweaters well-made so I am willing to pay more for them. I can get attached to my sweaters and will wear them until they can no longer be repaired--I also like to get my money's worth out of my clothing.

In the past we have published a video on how to mend a simple hole in your sweater but what do you do if that hole is not so small? What if that hole is the size of a quarter but is otherwise in good shape? You fix it! Read more . . .



After all of the wardrobe makeovers I have completed I can tell you that everyone has clothing they never wear but cannot bring themselves to give away. All of this not only takes up real estate in your closet but the more you have the less you see which means the less you actually wear! To add to our clutter problem we often feel compelled to buy something new to cheer us up, to celebrate another pound lost or to prepare for a much needed vacation. 

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Dressing for extreme temperatures and staying stylish can be a challenge. When the mercury reading hits below 20 the only thought is to keep piling on clothes until you look like a marshmallow. On the flip side of your forecast is when the thermometer keeps climbing past 90. In this case you can only remove so much clothing and still walk in polite company.  

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  Style is an ongoing process. Find yours in Trending Lightly by Catherine Jane
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