Personal & Wardrobe Styling

It happens--we lose our fashion footing. Our lifestyle changes, our bodies change, even the colors that once looked good on us change. Making changes to our wardrobe to fit our new life is not always easy. Sometimes it's simply a matter of tweeking our wardrobe with a serious edit. Other times we need to take a hard look at the styles that no longer work for us and the unfamiliar styles that do.

I have 2 options for you;

Personal Styling

Schedule a Personal Styling session at my studio and we will focus on a list of your personal styling concerns. Are you looking for advice for how to look your best? Are you wanting a new look that compliments your lifestyle? An in studio consultation will cover all of that!

Wardrobe Styling

Schedule a Full Wardrobe Make-Over where I will come to your home and edit your wardrobe with you and show you your best style will reorganizing your closet.

Shopping In New York

New York is not only known for its remarkable restaurants and theatre but it is also renowned for its fashion. Schedule a Shopping Trip in New York and I will show you where to find exceptional fashion at exceptional prices and so much more!

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